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KarismaCG is ultimate real-time 3D motion graphics solution that follows the nature of VisualCG 3D. Equipped with a more advanced 3D graphics rendering technology, KarismaCG is enhanced with its 3D graphics quality and performance while keeping its intuitive usability. KarismaCG 2 focuses on productivity of CG templates that it provides frequently used animation presets and 3D chart wizards that can be easily manipulated by changing values. Each page is based on perspective layout which is familiar to traditional 2D based editors.


  • Rapid production of CG pages
  • Perspective page layout
  • Provide frequently used animation presets
  • Provide 3D chart wizard for quick and easy way to create various styles of charts
  • High level broadcast quality shaders (Phong, Refraction, Reflection, Bump, Cartoon, etc.)
  • Import 3D modeling, scene, mapping source files in Collada, OBJ, 3DS formats
  • Multi texture mapping (Video clips, Live video input source as textures)
  • Enhanced real-time keyframe animation (Motion Path, Hierarchical grouping, Camera, Light)
  • Realistic particle systems including fire, snow, smoke, explosion and other elements
  • Live video stream on a video texture
  • Infinite number of trigger animations on one scene
  • Seamless background clip playback with no black
  • Up to 8 multi layer playout (depends on hardware performance)

│Specification│Minimum System Requirements

  • HD/SD


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2609 2.4GHz




Nvidia Geforce GTX660


Windows XP or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Video boards

Matrox® Video: DSX.XMIO2™, DSX.SD™
AJA® Video: Kona LHe Plus™
Blackmagic Design®: DeckLlink® HD Extreme 3D™, DeckLink®4K Extreme